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7 Common Quinceañera Traditions

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Quinceanera at Bella Luna Event Hall

Every culture has its traditions, and here at Bella Luna Event Hall, we greatly enjoy the Latin origin of quinceañeras that are often celebrated here in our hall.

“Quince”, meaning fifteen, celebrates a young girl coming into age at fifteen years old. Celebrating your princess in the local DFW area at our event hall allows your friends and family to have a place to join together in celebration.

Here are 7 common traditions celebrated at a quinceañera event.

The Dress

Each young lady should feel like royalty on her special day, and each royal needs an elaborate ball gown for their special occasion.

This elegant gown is typically adorned with beadwork, lovely colors, and exceptional fabric to make the entire dress a statement of its own.

One of the significant roles the dress plays is having the dress fit for a woman and no longer a little girl. This is the theme of quinceañeras having a girl now turned into a woman.

Light color dresses such as pink, peach, or other pastel colors are the traditional colors chosen for a quince dress, but it is completely up to the girl and her family on which color to choose. There is no right or wrong here, and if you want to rock a royal blue dress, go for it!

The Last Doll or Bear

Growing up, little girls often gravitate toward dolls and teddy bears for imaginary play. This is both normal for children as well as helpful for kids to enjoy and learn about the world around them.

A doll or bear is chosen and dressed to impress for the occasion to celebrate these joyous times the young lady has had. As the young lady turns 15, the last doll is a symbol that those childish days of playing are gone, and she now takes on the role of a young woman.

Remember the gorgeous dress we talked about? Imagine that in a small size for the last doll to wear as well. A dress is made to coordinate with the birthday girl’s dress so they match. What a fun way to remember your quince dress!

You may be left wondering, what do you do with the doll now?

It is very common if there is a younger sibling to pass the doll down to them to play with until it is time for their quince.

The Court

The people who surround us are important as they can easily shape our way of thinking through influence as well as help keep us accountable.

As each girl turns 15, a court is chosen sort of like a bridal party. The court can be made up of both boys and girls or all girls. Traditionally, there are 7 boys, 7 girls, the birthday girl, and her escort.

Those who are chosen for the court also dress up for this special occasion. It wouldn’t be a birthday bash without a great deal of style! The girls wear either matching or coordinating dresses that reflect the color of the quinceañeras theme, and the boys wear a tuxedo or suit to match the girls. The escort will also be dressed in a similar manner.

The Father-Daughter Dance

As the head of the household, the father has a strong role in the reception. The father-daughter dance is typically a waltz and is performed to a song of the father’s choosing. It can be a song that he sang to his daughter as she has grown up or something he wishes to tell her through song.

No matter the music choice, this sweet dance is the father’s time to show off his daughter to everyone for the first time as a young woman and no longer the young, little girl she was.

The Changing of Shoes

If you have not caught on yet, quinceañeras are full of tradition and symbolism. The changing of the shoes is definitely a symbol that holds strong for each reception.

At the beginning, the young girl will be wearing flats for the ceremony and events leading up to this change. At this time, the father or male who represents the birthday girl will remove the flats and place high heels on her feet instead.

This Cinderella moment takes the little girl and turns her into a lady ready to take on the world in her fabulous high heels. It is very common for emotions to run high during this part of the reception because this visual of change is a strong way to see how your little girl has turned into this beautiful princess.

The Accessories

Every queen on her night needs a spread of jewels. These can all be used or only some according to your preference.

Of course, a crown makes a statement all on its own, and we love to see these jewels sparkling under our gorgeous chandeliers here at Bella Luna Event Hall. That is not all though. Add on some shining rings, a necklace, earrings, and more to create a dazzling birthday girl.

What queen does not want a royal scepter to finish off her look? This is a very common addition to the accessories chosen for the evening.

The Gifts

Receiving gifts is almost a right of passage at any birthday party, and a quinceañera is undoubtedly no exception.

Many of the gifts given by family members hold a sentimental, traditional value. Some of these gifts include a scepter, jewelry, and a Bible.

Other common gifts for a quinceañera include money, gift cards, and other traditional gift items. No matter what gift is chosen, the sentiment remains that showing the birthday girl that you support her in this coming of age is important. One great way of showing your support could also be by adding a beautiful card full of words of wisdom and inspiration.

Where to Celebrate

Undoubtedly, quinceañeras are a wonderful birthday celebration, and we love to help each girl and her family feel welcome here at Bella Luna Event Hall located in Dallas. Give us a call today to learn more about our availability for your next event or celebration.

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