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Quinceañera Hair and Makeup Trends

For fifteen years, you and your family have imagined this big day - your quinceañera.

Check out these different options and some of the current trends here!

Bella Luna - Quinceanera Hair and makeup trend
One of the most important parts to a young lady, other than choosing the right dress, is to decide how they want their hair and makeup to look.

Hairstyles and Adding Accessories

Beach waves:

The classic beach wave is perfect for any girl wanting a more natural look or even a simple elegant style. Curls are a bit too tight? Simply brush through them to loosen them up a bit and wait for your quince celebration for them to fall a little more.

Half up and down looks:

This hairstyle can be made in so many ways and tailored according to your style. You can include different flowers, jewels, and pins adding your own personal flare to the look. This is one of the most popular styles for how diverse it is. From an elegant, tight updo to a loose curly low pin up, your hair is sure to look beautiful.

Big, bold curls

Big, bold curls:

A gorgeous option especially for girls with thicker hair is to rock big, bold curls. Now we are not saying you should have tight Shirley Temple style curls by any means, but a more royal princess style of big curls will be gorgeous under your tiara.


Ready to dance the night away for your birthday? Dance knowing your hair is not going anywhere in a low or side ponytail. This look can be achieved with a sleek back ponytail and a modern middle part, or add lots of curls over to the side. Either way, make it your own with how you are comfortable.

Low Bun:

You cannot go wrong with a low bun! Pin your curls back and add in your hair decor for a chic style. Just as the ponytail option, you can have a sleek style with a middle part and hair sprayed down, or you can have curls and pull down some curly hairs to frame your face.

No matter what hairstyle you choose, you will be beautiful! Now ready to amp up that style? Let’s talk about one of our favorite quinceañera traditions: the tiara.

Traditional Tiara

Traditional tiara:

One of the most common traditions for quinceañeras is to choose a tiara. You can choose a new one or you may have one passed down from the women in your family for a sentimental piece.

Flower crown:

One current trend among many girls preparing for the big fifteen is using a flower crown. What a lovely idea!

Some of the top tips we can offer here are choosing which colors according to your hair color and whether to do a full or half crown.

Dark hair pairs beautifully with both pale colors and vibrant, bold colors. No matter which color palette you choose, it will be gorgeous.

Girls with light hair are typically better suited for bold colors because the pale pastels tend to blend in too much to their light hair. Instead choose a deep, dark color palette or even one with vibrant colors.

While a full crown can be made according to the size of your head, half crowns can usually photograph better and be pinned into place easier.

Half crowns also allow you to marvel at the gorgeous way you chose to style the back of your hair without covering it up too much.

Incorporate the flowers you choose into the arrangements used as decorations for the reception.

Bella Luna Blog - Quinceanera Hair and Makeup Trend

Makeup Time

What look is complete without a fabulous makeup look to tie it all together.

While many girls will opt for a dramatic, neutral tone makeup aesthetic, some girls may choose a more natural look or opt to match the colors of their dress!

Your eyes have many options for color. With little accents of color such as pink, purple, or green to match your dress, your eyes will really have a pop to them!

If color is not your forte, that’s okay! A neutral tone with browns, golds, and black will make a statement just as well.

Glue on some fake eyelashes for extra depth both in person and in your photos.

When it comes to a look that will stand out in photos, darker colors stand out better. One thing to remember -contour is key.

Contour your cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead to allow your features to stand out the most. Add some blush to the upper part of your cheek to tie it all in.

Remember, this is your big day, if you do not like how it looks, speak up! Any professional would rather you feel comfortable and beautiful than you fear hurting their feelings. At the end of the day, it is you face, and you are the one who has to wear it.

First Look

Have you heard of the new trend going around for quinceañeras?

Yup, we are talking about the first look!

Whatever you do, do not sneak a peak during the preparation process, but instead leave it for a surprise when all is completed and you have put your dress and all accessories on.

Going from a simple everyday look to the glam that is quinceañera day can be a big change as you go from the young girl your parents see to a young woman.

Before you turn around and see yourself for the first time, have your photographer and videographer ready to capture this moment.

What precious memories these photos make!

Not only will you be so surprised at your transition, but so will your parents. Be sure to capture the moments of your family seeing you for the first time.

While you will always be their little girl, it’s a big moment to see you become a woman.


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Bella Luna Event Hall is host to many quinceañeras, and we love every step of the planning and celebrating process.

Talk to us about scheduling a tour and our list of preferred vendors including hair and makeup artists.

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