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Wedding Cake Trends and Traditions

Whether you’re planning your own wedding or you're an honored guest, you have undoubtedly thought about that delicious cake you’ll savor during the reception! What flavor will it be? What will it look like? Should you really save some for your anniversary?

Let’s break it down!

You might be surprised to learn that the most popular cake flavor for weddings is vanilla. Yes, Vanilla!

Plain and simple but melt in your mouth delicious. The simple ingredients of flour, sugar, butter and sweet vanilla just can’t be beat!

For decades this cake has been the most served slice at weddings and for good reason. It is a fabulous cake flavor to incorporate with fillings, fruits and various icings.

The close second is chocolate. Most love that moist, scrumptious bite of milk chocolate. Chocolate also reminds so many of romance, so of course it’s chasing that spot for number one!

Chocolate cake has that warm, sweet flavor of cocoa that you just can’t resist!

That well deserved spot for number three in rank is red velvet, chocolate’s cousin with less cocoa.

Have you ever watched the scene from the popular film Steel Magnolia with the dreaded grooms cake? How could you forget it! Well, rest assured that the cake served when you or someone else ties the knot will be much more appealing to the eye.

Fourth on the list is carrot cake. Carrot cake has a tasty spice to it that gives your cake a kick! Topped with a lush cream cheese icing and you have a tasty bite on your hands!

Carrot cake is great for decorating as the color won’t compromise the icings appearance. So if you want to break away from the most common flavors, give it a try!

Our fifth chart topping flavor is one you likely wouldn’t guess. Get ready for Funfetti! Yes, vanilla cake with eye popping colored sprinkles baked inside.

Every child loves to enjoy a piece of funfetti cake but it looks like the love of sprinkles isn’t just for children. It’s a go to for weddings!

This playful flavor brings a delightful smile to every cake enthusiast. Plus, it just looks fun!

Speaking of looks, there are some trending decorating musts to think about when one starts to dream up ideas for that gorgeous cake.

Some of the trending cake designs we are seeing have pressed flowers in the luscious icing. Trust us, it’s breathtaking!

Brides and grooms can choose flowers they love to be pressed and placed on their cake and guest are loving it. This new trend is a fun one to try.

Gone are the days of neutral, simply colored cakes. Couples are selecting cakes with bright colors to match the couples decor.

Playful use of brushstroke designs with icing are used to bring texture and color to cakes that make it really come to life!


The look of geodes will surely rock the couples and guests world. Pun intended! The decorators make these cakes come alive with icing techniques, edible glitter and candies to recreate the look of gems. The designs, colors, and shapes are endless!

Wanna go more edgy in design? Another fun trend we’re seeing is an artistic one. Decorators are using a sculpting technique to add a slightly raised design to cakes. It’s a literal piece of art.

Feeling fruity? Cuts of circular fruits added to the design are a great way to add both color, texture and flavor to the cake that is so simple it’s almost too good to be true!

Maybe your style is more rustic. The naked cakes are definitely a crowd pleaser. These cakes are layer with a tasty icing treat in between each layer for that pop of sweet!

Some couples prefer a little icing on the outside to give it a little additional color but you still see through the icing into that yummy sponge that’s soon to melt in your mouth!

Lastly, Who wants to share desserts? Not us! Individual cakes are becoming a big hit at weddings and it’s simply a fabulous idea. Small, personal sized cakes that you have all to yourself? Yes, please!

Cake shapes are also changing in 2022! A big trend this year is square tiers. Many are opting to move away from the commonly seen circle. Why? It’s a fun change and the lines are clean giving your cake a more polished look.

The square look isn’t for everyone though. There have been many couples who are selecting cakes that have tiers ranging in height and width. This gives the cake a more unique look that some brides and grooms are raving about!

Selecting the right cake can be overwhelming. Plan to have a cake tasting with your selected baker. Try the flavors on your short list, sample the icings, talk about fillings, and when it comes to design don’t be afraid to sketch it out!

We suggest taking in a color swatch if you have it on hand. Your baker can use it as a reference when making your cake, a centerpiece to your celebration.

Whatever cake is selected to celebrate the couples love is definitely a sweet memory to be cherished. And who doesn’t love a good memory?

Celebrating an anniversary is sure to include taking a walk down memory lane. One way to relive that magical day includes eating a slice of that beautifully designed cake!


But really, why do couples save cake and eat it one year later? The tradition dates back to the 18th century when couples would save their wedding cake and share it together at the birth of their first child.

Over time it’s evolved into the tradition being shared at the anniversary of your first year of marriage. It’s said that by doing this it brings the couple good luck and prosperity. Sign me up!

To preserve the cake for a year requires a couple of steps. First, you’ll want to chill the top layer of your cake. (This step is key to making sure the icing doesn’t stick later.)

Second, after the cake is chilled, wrap it in multiple layers with plastic wrap. Lastly, place your cake in a cake box, seal and store in the freezer.

Your cake should represent you as a couple so there’s no doubt it’s going to be grand! Make it what you wish and cherish those memories that are sure to be sweeter than the icing you eat!

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