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Fun Quinceañera Activities

Quinceañeras are very traditional, and there are many activities that remain part of the day such as the changing of shoes, presenting of gifts, and the father-daughter dance (or male role model dance).

We love these traditions, and they are part of what makes up the day!


But let’s talk about some fun ways to spice up the day even more!

Bella Luna - Quinceanera Hair and makeup trend
We love these traditions, and they are part of what makes up the day!

A pre-quince girl party

Now, we are not talking about a whole other party but instead quality time between the birthday Princess and her best girlfriends.

There are so many fun things you can do, so we have made a list of some of the best ideas we think would be a hit!

Even better, as we are a local DFW venue, some of these ideas include local spots! Let’s go!

- SLUMBER PARTY - Hear me out. I am not saying to have a second-grade-style summer party. Instead, plan a fun night with the best movies, mani-pedis, and take fun photos and videos for the ‘gram.

- SIX FLAGS - If your personality is more of an adventurous type, a day of roller coasters, yummy food stands, and awesome memories may be the best option for you!

- SPA DAY - For the more girly type who enjoys being pampered, check out local spas here in the DFW area and see which one can accommodate you and your friends. You do not have to go full-on massages, but a nice facial and mani-pedi is a hit for so many young ladies.


Choose a fun theme

We have hosted many amazing quinces here at Bella Luna Event Hall, and some of our favorites have been Parisian, Beauty and the Beast, decade throwbacks, and masquerades.

Choosing a theme changes how your guests dress, opens your party up for insanely creative decorations, and makes your quince stand out from traditional fairytale-style parties.

Your food, flowers, and drinks can all be designed according to your theme. For example, if you choose an Alice in Wonderland theme, you can have a wild tea party theme with tea cups, finger foods, and colorful florals that include little hats and tea pots.

The possibilities for themes are absolutely endless, and we love creating a unique designs for our parties here.


Arrive in Style

You can show up in a limousine, rent a cool old car, or find a local farm that rents out horse and buggies. The purpose here is to come how you feel comfortable in your own personal style.

A big favorite among many young partygoers is party buses. These buses can be rented for a short time or for the day and take you around the Dallas- Fort Worth area to party and hang out with your court prior to the party.

One big perk of a party bus and limo is the ability to fit many people. Chances are, you want to come with all of your friends surrounding you and pumping you up for your big day.

Need recommendations for transportation? Talk to us about our preferred vendor list and who we have worked with before and had great success using.

Do you know the traditions of quinceañeras? read more here


Set up a photo booth or area

The world is trending with photos and videos these days. Pictures or it did not happen, right?

A current trend for events is using a greenery wall with a neon sign decorating it for everyone to take gorgeous photos in front of.

You can spice this up even more by adding props to make them more interesting. If you did choose a theme, you could have props set up that goes along with the theme you chose.

Because quinceañeras are very traditional and sentimental, you can set up an area with an iPad or recording device to allow everyone in attendance to leave the birthday girl a message. These messages can be anything from funny jokes, memories, or advice they wish to give.

As time goes on, these videos may become some of your most cherished memories from your special day.


Choreograph a dance

Our event hall has a big LED dance floor that is the perfect spot for you and your court to perform a fun dance. Of course, we have the traditional father-daughter dance (more on that to come), but how fun it would be to create a choreographed dance to dazzle the crowd.

Are you a dancer? Give a solo performance to your favorite song and feel empowered as you are surrounded by those you love!

Maybe a bit shyer? That is absolutely okay too! Grab your court, throw on your dancing shoes, and get to choreographing. This is a great way to spend extra time with everyone who will be appearing on your court while also making a fun time.

The photos and videos for this will be so much fun to look back on.

Need a good photographer or videographer, we have you covered! Our preferred vendor list is full of suggestions.


Mother-daughter dance

Last but certainly not least, let us not forget our moms. We love the dances with dads, but what about our moms?

Some families may even be a bit untraditional or have experienced loss, and we want to be inclusive of those families. This can be a waltz or any type of dance with mom, aunt, grandma, or whoever you want it to include, Maybe even change out between who joins in.

It’s your special day!

No matter what you decide to do at your quinceañera, make it your own and fill it with your personal style. That is the only way to truly enjoy it and reflect on who you are as of these beautiful fifteen years of life.

We would love to help you create your dream day. Give us a call today to schedule a tour and discuss available dates.


Book Your Event Today

Bella Luna Event Hall is host to many quinceañeras, and we love every step of the planning and celebrating process.

Talk to us about scheduling a tour and our list of preferred vendors including hair and makeup artists.

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